“A worthwhile read.”

This is a serious book, thoroughly thought out and meticulously written in a logically organized way. It deserves a careful read. If you truly want to delve into your inner self and perhaps arrive at the root of some of your longest standing issues surrounding your belief in your value as a person, give it a read. I found when I spent the time to read it carefully and consciously ruminate on what it had to say, it led me to answers I had been seeking. While this must necessarily be an ongoing process going forward, the book’s provided blueprints for pursuing these goals make a seemingly impossible task doable. Greater happiness, peace of mind and love for yourself and others is worth every bit of the effort you put into it. It has earned a home on my bookshelf of books of real value, so thanks Anne.

— Anonymous

“Truly thankful”

It's so incredibly rare to meet another human being that you connect with so simply and yet on such a deep level. Last week I had the pleasure and honor of meeting and serving Anne Boudreau, the author of this wonderful book. I was lucky enough to attend her talk and also spend time speaking to her after. I've never felt more alive sitting in front of this magnificent human because she finally made me realize the answer to the question I've been asking myself my whole life: "What do I want out of this life?" and how do I get there? why am I not capable of real love? why am I unhappy? why am I not good enough? This list goes on and on to a point of crying myself to sleep at night and constantly doubting myself because I know I deserve to be happy but I can't find it within myself.

This book discusses the journey of self love, self worth and finding the power to love yourself because if you believe in who you are and why you exist then you'll never stop growing or improving. Life really isn't about the end goal, it's about all of the little moments of love, failure, success, sadness and laughter along the way. The biggest obstacle is to love yourself so unconditionally that you will never need anybody else to do it for you. Self love means your hunger for growth, improvement and success will never fade because making yourself happy is what you live for every single day. I can't even describe how much of an impact this last week has made on my outlook in life. So truly thankful to have met this incredible human being.



“Right on point”

“Neuroplasticity” huh? I’d say your book is right on point on so many levels and so very brilliantly written. Thanks for sharing that level of vulnerability. You may very well have just disclosed the recipe so many who have experienced Betrayal Trauma, and addiction too, need to address trust, anger, and resentment just to touch the surface. Thank you so very much!

— Steven

Truly an eye opening book.”

This book was amazing from beginning to end! It has an amazing message that anyone would find helpful in their journey in life. It really helped me devise a plan on where to start my personal healing and learn to value myself.

— Allison


“Boudreau's approach is personal and comforting.”

I think what makes this book so appealing is that Boudreau's approach is personal and comforting. She's been there. She acknowledges the pain and how hard it is to change. But it is possible. I loved the info on replacing negative messages with positive. I knew the power of affirmation, but did not realize the tremendous override of negative comments that is going on constantly in our heads. And it was another reminder from the universe to spend time in reflection, which is another way of saying be mindful of not only your actions, but your thoughts. I recommend!

— MotherWarrior

“The Importance of Self-Worth.”

Self-worth is such a vital yet oft times neglected aspect of understanding the human soul. A Human Mosaic explains in a very understandable and thought-provoking manner how to use the Author’s research and life experiences to greatly improve your life.
Highly recommended!

— Joe


“My life has never been the same.”

After finishing the last page of this book, I sat down to reflect. This book took me on a journey that exposed the raw and authentic aspects of my being. It felt as though I had been through years of counseling all within the pages of this book. I would recommend this to people in all walks of life as it speaks to your inner being, not your outward self.

— Anonymous

“It’s a new year - create new self-awareness”

This book holds an inspirational message for anyone looking to release the beliefs and misconceptions that hold them back in life.
Chronicling the experiences of people that have allowed their self-worth to be broken by circumstances and simply stopped trying, this book weaves together their stories and wisdom that provides empowering advice to overcome doubts and setbacks that hold prevent you from living your best life.
I would like to thank the author for her poignant, proactive, accessible guidance to becoming a better me.

— Cali


“If you are hurting, READ this book!”

Just got through this book and it was life changing. I highly recommend this book especially if you are seeking answers to life’s hardest issues— self worth, anxiety, one’s future, how to overcome pain in ones’s soul— READ this book!

— Nomi

“Finding Yourself.”

Once I started this book I read it cover to cover in less than 48 hours Wow! Could not put it down. I discovered a lot about myself. Some of myself needs to change, and some doesn’t. Easy to read and understand. Pass it on to a friend!

— P. Bradford


“A Human Mosaic is in a category of its own.”

Anne Boudreau explores the subject of self-worth in a compelling and comprehensive way, unlike any I have ever read. She delves into an issue that has tremendous relevance to our world today — one that is at the heart of humankind — in a manner that anyone can relate to and embrace. It is a must read.

— Todd Stumbo, Chief Executive Officer, Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center

“Extraordinarily inspiring”

“Anne’s examination of self-worth and its significance to the quality of a person’s life is extraordinarily inspiring to anyone who has lived with a warped self-concept. Huge numbers of people suffer from distrust, anger, resentment, shame, and guilt, believing they are unworthy and unlovable due to their childhood volatility. Anne’s book guides the reader to heal from their wounds by using their brain to unlearn negative thoughts and rebuild a new foundation to flourish.”

— Dr. Linda Olson, Psy.D Clinical Psychologist, Founder & Georgia Chapter Chair Childhood Domestic Violence Association